Beach House Visits Home

April 3rd, 2010 by jflynn | Print Beach House Visits Home

The up and coming indie duo Beach House recently visited Baltimore, where half of the group has it’s roots. Victoria Legrand who is originally from France, moved to Baltimore in 2004 and collaborated with Baltimore native Alex Scally to form the group. Their first album was recorded in Scally’s basement in a home studio in 2004 and as the Boston Globe’s Matt Parish puts it, “The underdog equipment and first-take feel gives the album the immediacy of a mix-tape.”

Since then Beach House has toured internationally to showcase their unique sound, and recently returned to Charm City and stopped by WTMD for Morning Sessions. Scally commented on why he loves Baltimore so much.

“No other city on the East Coast is like it. What I feel like when I’m in Baltimore is that nobody cares what they think of them.”

On a side note, not crazy about the lead from the Boston Globe article. When are outsiders going to stop using “The Wire” comparison, the analogy is overdone and played out. While The Wire is a great series, it gives the wrong impression to the naive and for him to say there are “few places in the U.S. less dreamy”, come on; you know you could do better than that. Clever title.

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